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Back to basics

I’m excited.

There is no exclamation mark at the end of that sentence because I also happen to be extremely exhausted. I’ve decided to step up my game and pursue a CS degree at my local university. It’s a great program and I love the learning environment. I’m currently taking programming 1 (Java) and 3 other classes. I also have a full time job I don’t intend to quit. Time management will be my new best friend since all social activities have officially been cancelled. The closest social interaction I’ll have, is grocery shopping.

Hack Reactor. 12 week long program in SF. 100% advertised hiring rate. North of 100k average salary reported. 3 of my kidneys for tuition. I’ll be applying as soon as I feel ready and aim for attending in January 2014.

Side note: Java doesn’t look as sexy as Ruby.

Awkward moment in class: As the lab TA is introducing himself and asking for a raise of hands for CS students, a girl sitting next to me (who is now my lab partner) raised her hand. The guy sitting immediately behind us vomits the words, “hot chicks don’t do CS” and laughed. 2 things completely blew my mind. For one, who uses that word anymore? But more importantly, what decade are we on? I was embarrassed and it bothered me more than it did her. And I’m supposed to be in a room full of bright individuals? I’m getting a little concerned…

Thoughts that simmer make better decisions

So I’ve had a few days to think it over. I got my DBC rejection email right as I was picking up The Last of Us from my mailbox. Crushing disappointment mixed with the anxiousness of digging into this hyped up game that over the course of two days managed to blow my expectations away. What an amazing journey! Hands down the best game I’ve played in a long time. I even dare to place is next to Chrono Trigger. That’s right. I said it. Get over it.

Just like I got over DBC’s rejection. So what went wrong? I was asked 3 questions. See, one of the main arguments that pulled me into DBC is that they emphasize how “anyone” can be a programmer. They also emphasize that you need absolutely no programming knowledge other than “basic computer skills” which apparently translate into things like recursion.

So I couldn’t help but to feel very small right after my interview. The first question was something like, “how can you use two cubes to represent the calendar days in a given month.” I pretended to write out steps to get me there (I really ended up doodling the word “asshole” in different sizes) and finally gave a half ass, semi-right answer. The next question was a few lines of code which I realized was broken…but had no idea what it was. I was asked what it did. I said it wouldn’t work. It was an endless loop. After the interview concluded, I asked the interviewer what the problem was. He said it was recursion and that in fact would produce an endless loop. I think that’s like chapter 9 on some book I was reading and I hadn’t touched that.

After days of beating myself down and telling me that maybe I wasn’t cut out for code, I had a revelation. I asked two developers at work about the problems. Their answer wasn’t even close to mine. 2 senior devs and they didn’t know how to get the cubes down. Holy crap! I’m not stupid!

I’m not making up excuses and I have nothing against the guys at DBC. I still love how things look from the outside. However, I can’t help but to think that they need to reconsider what “basic computer skills” really mean.

Initial Skype interview

11 minutes and 15 seconds. That’s how long it took me to bomb my interview. I definitely laughed and smiled MUCH less than I had anticipated during the interview. I was asked 3 logic questions out of which I got 1 right and 2 partially correct. I need to change my sweaty shirt. My nerves got the best of me. I guess I’ll find out the result tomorrow. I’ll either celebrate my victory or try to cheer myself up by binge-playing my copy of The Last of Us when it arrives tomorrow.

Back to some more Ruby!

About that studying-while-cruising…

Just getting back to the house after a weeklong cruise and I’m ashamed to say I went over exactly two pages of AppAcademy’s “mini-curriculum” the whole time I was there. I’m not sure how it happened. The first day I went to the pool with my study material…but then I had a beer and it was debarkation day.

I have my Dev Bootcamp interview on Thursday and the only think I can think of is how bad I want this and how little I feel I’ve moved towards accomplishing it. I have some serious gut-check to do. I’m aware slacking will not produce the results I need to make such a time investment pay off and I WILL get my stuff together.


Day 1…technically more like day 20-something but I’m not really keeping track. Dev Bootcamp interview in T-minus 14 days and I’m getting ready to go on a week-long cruise and will probably end up destroying countless brain cells that I could otherwise have used during my interview. I’m also coming up on my second coding challenge for App Academy. The first one <strong>CRUSHED</strong> my soul just a little bit as I realized just how much I didn’t know my stuff. Somehow being practically raised by a computer doesn’t provide me with the “basic computer skills” that according to are necessary to get into the program.

So far, it has been a very humbling experience. I’m not going to lie, it’s difficult for me sometimes. I’ll take the App Academy “Mini-curriculum” with me on the cruise and hope to do the second coding challenge as well as the Dev Bootcamp interview the week I get back. Piña Coladas and Ruby on the Sea!

Pressing on!

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